The sea snail going to swim 10K with one leg- Ilanit Yurman

Speeding Up

“There is more to life than increasing it’s speed” – Mahatma Gandhi.
Of course, no doubt. There are some other important things.
Pace , stroke rate, volume.
For me for now speed is my goal.
I just have to swim faster.

I’m on my way to my first swimming marathon. 10 Km,maybe 11-12 , 6-7 hours I’m not too fast at the moment.
Whenever I complain about it, my friends look at the leg that I lost, with the thought of – “Well, in her condition”…
So you know, David Burke is an open water swimmer from Ireland. He lost his leg at the age of 7. He was swimming 1 Km in 11 minutes!! represented Ireland in the Paralympics.
In a good day, I swim 1 Km in 28 minutes.
In 2014 a group of 4 amputees set record by crossing the English Channel.
I don’t aim to that level, just want to make my 10Km in less than 6 hours by controlling my pace, my body temperature, and my awareness as long as possible through the marathon.
I swim the WEST swimming technique. The swimming technique of Water World Swimming center in Israel. I’m personally trained by the Guinness Record holder – Ori Sela, and by many of the center’s coaches. I feel that they really care for me, and wish to make me a better swimmer in a healthy body
I train in the pool not only in a group, but self-training as well . There are exercises for speed control in short and long distance, swimming with fins (in my case, single fin ), to increase speed, and exercises to control stroke rate and pulse while speeding.
And I just love it.
Needless to say I regularly swim in open water never give up on my Pilates training, Weight training and my diet. My recipe long and enjoying way of life.
I named myself “The Sea Snail” (as “The Sea Turtle” was taken).
Like a snail, I’m soft from the inside, and tough from the outside.
I know I can do it, I can swim that marathon in – 6 Hours!!!
Am I crazy or what…
The sea snail.

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