5 drills to play with your kids and strengthen their shoulder muscles

5 drills to play with your kids and strengthen their shoulder muscles
Today 70% of the kids need to strengthen their shoulders, why is it so important?

Kids with a stronger body have better motor skills, they are more self-confident and more likely to succeed in school.
Many first grade children today need Occupational Therapy, physical therapy or hydrotherapy in order to write well and perform other tasks. Computer games & T.V don’t really help them get better at this.
In this video you will learn how to strengthen your kids shoulder muscles with fun and games.
The first swimming exercise is the most important one of all, and it includes kicking with a closed noodle and a wheel. Without even noticing it, the kids are moving in the water and strengthening their shoulder muscles in order to balance the body and move the wheel.
In the 2nd swimming exercise – we change the position of the noodle so that the closed part is in the back, and ask the kid to swim to the ball and “catch” the ball with the ring, making it go through it. Kids just love this game.
The 3rd swimming exercise is simply swimming on a noodle. They can do it fast or slow – slow if they are in a vertical position and faster if they are lying on the water in a horizontal position.
The 4th drill is easy to perform but important to the shoulder muscles, and it is swimming with a floating weight and lifting the head every 3 seconds for breathing with straight hands.
For the 5th and final exercise, the child has to turn the weight forward and backwards while kicking.
I hope you will enjoy playing these strengthening exercises with your kids.

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