Five playful swimming drills for kids to strengthen their muscle tone and breathing

Unlike adults, kids can’t keep to a strict training routine without any fun and games. Some kids want to play all the time. If we have an ADHD kid in the group and we don’t combine games with exercise in the lesson he will get bored and will quit, or he won’t listen and disrupt the swimming lesson.

Our goal in swimming lessons for kids is to work on their swimming technique and combine games that will open their lungs, strengthen their muscles and much more.

These 5 Hypoxia power games will open their lungs while the kids laugh and Break their routine.

In all the swimming drills try to let the kid a hard goal but let him succeed in all tasks!!

  1. First drill – Moving a power ball without breathing – the child should inhale and roll the power ball in shallow water, no deeper than 1.20m so if he needs air he can come up for air and go down again. Rolling the ball on the bottom not only opens up the lungs, but the child needs to work hard in order to move it, so it strengthens the muscles as well.
  2. Second drill – Running with a power ball without breathing – Most kids will try to swim with it, but the goal is to try to run in a vertical position. If you see it’s too hard you can let then run and kick instead of just running. This drill can help them control how deep they stay under water, and it can be great for the dolphin kick afterwards.
  3. Third drill – Handstand walking on the floor- After they learned how to control the depth of the body in the water, they will try to control it again by “Walking” on the floor with their hands. The amazing thing about the drill is that the kids forget they are in the water and forger they are out of air.
  4. Fourth drill – Arrow on the floor – After the walking comes the kicking part. They have to kick strong and fast to stay afloat, their hands in an arrow shape. This drill not only improves their lungs capacity, but it works on a strong kick with a strong arrow. Kids tend to open their arrow while pushing the wall, and this exercise helps them to keep their hands in the right position.
  5. Fifth drill – Moving on the back and controlling bubbles from the nose – Don’t try this drill if you are not sure they know how to exhale from the nose. If they can do it, let them play on their back, the body in a sitting position as much as possible.

Why is this exercise so good? Because they will manage a better dolphin kick on the back.

After playing and enjoying these amazing swimming drills we can work on their long dolphin kick and continue in freestyle.

Hope you liked it.

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