Swimming tips: learn to swim backstroke & protect lower back

Swimming Backstroke, WEST swimming technique
People say backstroke is healthy? is it really healthy?

Learn some swimming tips to swim backstroke faster but more importantly protect your neck & lower back.
Sometimes swimming Backstroke is better than swimming Freestyle, and sometimes it’s the other way around.
When you breathe in Freestyle, the body position should be according to your flexibility level and how high you can raise your hand.
In Backstroke the hand position should be the same, although it might seem funny. If you try to stretch your hand next to your ear while swimming, more that is natural for your body, the elbow will bend, and instead of swimming straight your body will swing in the water and a pressure will be created to your lower back.
What you have to do is raise your hand from the side of your body, look for the point where you feel pain in your shoulder and lower your arm a bit to the point you feel comfortable. This is your swimming position.
We want to strengthen the muscles, but not to cause shoulder pain.
For most people, unlike Olympic swimmers, it’s not recommended to swim with the arm stretched next to the ear, and it won’t contribute to a faster pace, because the body will rock in the water.

If your feet tend to sink you can try swimming with fins, because we tend to kick with our legs when they sink, something which, together with arching your back, could cause damage. If your legs still sink, we recommend you start with Freestyle, and only then move to Backstroke.
V is amazing, because this is the only swimming style where you stretch the arm in this fashion, you open the Lung Meridian and ease the stress that we tend to accumulate in everyday life.
The last point in Backstroke is timing your breathing.
If you float naturally, you can choose to breathe through your mouth or your nose, as you wish.
If you tend to sink, or unsure of yourselves, it’s important to inhale with one arm movement and exhale with the other, in through your mouth and out through your nose. In this manner the lungs will be open wide the whole time, a thing which will help the body float throughout the whole time and not sing and float alternately.
With stretching your hand in the right position for you according to your flexibility level and the WEST technique, the gliding through the water and the dragging of the legs, you will achieve an even style, protect your neck and lower back and gain a “shock absorber” for life.

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