the real reason for back pain

What is the real reason people suffer from back pain?

Every day, I am approached by at least one person who suffers from lower back pain, each reason being different – spinal canal, herniated disk, protruding disk, before surgery, after surgery. Despite the different stories, all back pain is due to one reason!!

After seeing tens of thousands of patients that come to us with rehabilitated lower back pain, I can say with certainty that we have cracked the “root” of the problem. Our goal is not to push the herniated disk back in place, but rather to live without pain, despite heredity, despite body shape and despite what we go through in life.

The aim is to know why the pain is caused and only afterwards to treat it.

Ori, my back hurts!

Here are some stories that myself and other therapists hear on a regular basis:

Story 1: Pickled cucumber – how I hate pickled cucumber…

Last week, I was approached by a nice guy, 45 years old, who told me that pickled cucumbers destroyed his lower back. He continued: “So, I opened the cupboard above the sink, and just as I lifted the can I heard a “pop”. I lay on the counter with the can in one hand and I could not move. I crawled to my phone, was then taken in an ambulance to the hospital, all because of pickled cucumber! Why did I have to eat it?

It is clear that lifting a can cannot cause a herniated disk!! It’s safe to continue eating pickled cucumbers ????

Nevertheless, this guy suffered terrible pains that no cortisone injection could solve.

Story 2: I just want to pick up my kid

Eight years ago a 38 year old guy came to me with tears in his eyes. He was ready to do everything possible, give away all his money, suffer pains his whole life just so that he could hold his baby in his arms. He waited for this his whole life, the moment he would have a child of his own, and when it finally happened he could not bare the pain when holding his child because his back hurt too much.
I made him commit to working out 4 times a week and I told him that the change begins now, and that within 2 weeks he will be able to pick up his child.

Sometimes we need to be at the bottom of the bottom in order to really understand that we have no choice but to make a change.

Story 3: Pregnant women – my wife Tammy

My wife was about to give birth to our fourth child. Like with all her pregnancies, in the 8th month she suffered from lower back pain, and only water treatment and swimming WEST released her for one more week until the pain returned.

Pregnancy is so physical. If the center of balance of the body is L2-L3, because the stomach grows the pressure moves down toward the tailbone in addition to widening of the pelvis before birth. If the body is not reinforced similar to how the foundation of a building is strengthened, the change in weight and the heavy center is likely to create pressure that can explode.

The Tree Parable

We had a lemon tree planted in regular soil in a dark spot shaded from the sun; a tree that blossomed and produced a lot of lemons. Per our request, the gardener took the lemon tree and arranged for it special soil, drip irrigation, sunlight, shade and beautiful stones all round.

The tree that moved places, despite the water and the warm and almost perfect new spot, lost all its leaves, a number of its branches dried up and fell off. Only after a year of being at death’s door, the tree came back to life and blossomed afresh.

We also experience changes in life that on the surface appear to be perfect but in fact are very difficult, which can cause us in-balance and pain, especially lower back pain.
What are the most difficult problems a person experiences that influence strongly on the lower back?
I am not talking about regular lower back pain, but chronic pain that can completely shut down a person who previously did everything.

Moving apartments

Just like with the tree, we plant roots in a particular place, and even if we are promised wonderful soil, good water, a view and a few sexy trees around us ???? we actually experience a trauma. Therefore many trees that were used to a particular place do not survive the move.

The human body knows to deal with interesting and difficult challenges. Nevertheless, there are people who begin moving apartments and experience back pain, relationship breakups, kidney problems and even death, in spite of the fact that the move is into their dream home.
Moving apartments is never easy, and we need to acknowledge this.

Lower back pain is a good sign, it tells us that the body is off-balance and we need to get it back on track.

Moving apartments is like cutting a tree root, and such requires rot treatment, and when I speak about balance I am talking about treating the lower back which is the center of energy, the center of Chi, and when it is treated, coping and what’s beyond turns into something interesting and incredible.

Changing jobs

Changing jobs occurs several times in life, for some more and others less.

I offered one of our valued and highly professional hydrotherapists in the WEST method to manage our flag treatment branch. The next day she told me that she was in bed and could not get up because of back pain. Afterwards she was sick. After a week with a temperature she said: O.K. I’m tired of this bed and I want the position.

How many people do not manage to deal because of pain? Missing the biggest opportunities of their lives, suffering for months, leaving their job because of back pain?

Birth of a new child

With the birth of my second daughter Libi, I thought that I could carry on as usual. My schedule was packed as it is, I only added to it my wife’s hormones and reduced sleep hours, and there you have it, the combination for the body to crash. It began with sharp back pain and anxiety.

Luckily for me I have the knowledge and know-how to regain balance that my body desperately needed by treatment and swimming WEST.

There are of course hundreds of thousands more examples of patients that come to get treated for back problems by swimming WEST, from having lost someone dear to them, to coping with a difficult boss. All of whom have one thing in common: any type of in-balance, something that shakes us up.

How to deal with the problem?

Talk about it

It is important to understand that changes like moving apartments or changing jobs are traumatic events.

I tell our new employees they should know that in the first month they will be sick. I advise them what to eat, like adding root vegetables to their diet for balance, and how to swim accurately. Those who went through the process barely felt any changes and put the brakes on a change that has the potential to be traumatic and painful. It is important to open up to your partner, a close friend or therapist and talk about difficulties, even if on the surface everything appears great.

Support mental and physical change

I advise treatment through touch (massage), run on the beach, open water swimming, psychological treatment.

In case you are training, try to reduce your workout load to 65%, and definitely not to complete if possible, because you are likely to cause serious injury, and not only to your back.


The WEST method was developed for 2 main points: C6-C7 which is the center of emotion and soul, and L2-L3 which is the center of balance for the body. The goal is to swim with these 2 points relaxed, adjusting the swim style to the body.

Swimming WEST not only lengthens the muscles and calms the body in order to deal, it releases and breaks down tension build-up in the neck and head. Just like a balloon that is about to burst, we reduce the tension in the body and mind.

With the WEST method we lengthen the muscles and mainly the UB Meridian that controls the lower back and makes all movement, even sitting, more relaxed. Thereby significantly reduces the pressure on the vertebrae in general and in particular the lower back.

In Summary

Balance in life is the name of the game. Our body is super exact. It gives us signs that we do not listen to. It is like a balloon that if blown up too much it is likely to burst without any warning.

Our goal is to find balance, or to be more precise not to let our own tank be full all the time, because each change can influence the lower back, and we have to prepare our house (our body) for the many changes that life throws at us.

It is advisable to physical treatment once a week, even when there is no pain, in order to break down tension, to heal, and maybe do a type of restart. The most important of all: swim WEST, the healthiest type of swimming method in the world that allows you to lengthen the lower back, stretch the meridians that release the center of balance of the body, to break down tension in the mind and to feel good about yourself.

The WEST method is not only for swimming, it is a way of life that helps us deal with life changes and the challenges that are presented before us.

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