Tickling Patrick, Funny swimming exercise for kids to improve lung efficiency

Tickling Patrick funny exercise for kids to play in the pool

Why do we call it the tickling Patrick? And why is this game so good for opening our lungs, floating better and the most important thing, kids love it?

As you probably know Patrick is SpongeBob’s best friend and he is very ticklish, the kids goal is to try to float and loosen the body even when we tickle them, the more the body is relaxed it floats better, the more the body is tense we sink, so the goal is to be tickled but to let the other parts of the body help the tickled part float.

After a while we touch the nose of the kid, this is his sign and he needs to dive as fast as he can between the legs without touching the legs, if he does touch them we close our legs and the kid needs to Swim away quickly to avoid being caught.

Of course we don’t really want to catch them but almost, after they get away we can tell them, now I am going to catch you for sure, and miss again, after 10 min you won’t imagine how you improved the efficiency of their lungs, and only if you want you can throw a sinking hoop and let your kids catch it before it sinks or after it sinks. The next exercise we will see is the diving submarine you are going to love it too.

5 swimming tips before starting the Patrick exercise:

1. Play with your kids with and without fins and let them catch floating duckies, balls or other floating objects.

2. Buy with your kids some sinking games and let your kids catch them under the water, try to be with them in the water and not outside(being outside is harder for you)

3.Try to throw on hoop and then 2 until your kid succeeds in catching 5 hoops in one breath of air.

4.Try to let your kid dive between your legs and then try to let your kids catch 1 hoop after diving between your legs.

5. throw a sinking object and let your kid dive and catch it before it touches the surface, from one time to the other throw further but let your kid succeed.


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