Open water training camp- RED SEA Eilat November 11-14 – 2015

Open water training camp in Eilat in 2015
A year has passed, the excitement at its peak, meet again this year in Eilat, imagination Imagine a quiet blue sea, clear water, three days of frantic development and progress in the area of ​​open water with the best coaches in the field of swimming in the open sea? And all this happens in Eilat. World Open Water Camp is designed to improve water open water swimming technique, navigation is true, pool structure while maintaining the pace and increasing pace without damaging the swimming technique or rhythm. During the camp, we adapt the long, quiet style in the open water, without footwork unnecessary or excessive stress

Camp coaches go out with guns Ori Sela – Ari Limor – Sahar Aloni – Omar Neve met on Wednesday 11/11 in the afternoon frantic evening workout Full Moon on Thursday -12/11 opened the day at a meeting Stock in the pool and then an explanation of the method WEST and adaptation of personal style for each swimmer camp is composed of many – lots of swimming, technique, lectures, videos, familiarity with swimmers and endless fun.

Attention (!) – Registration will close on 1.10.2015(or before… )

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The camp is Camp “Open Water”, meaning that all training will be at sea. No need prior experience to swim in the sea, the camp is suitable for beginner swimmers who swim 500 meters in the pool to swimmers swim 10 miles in training.

what shall we do:

2 sessions a day which help improve the technique, speed, sub-maximal effort and distance.
Ori Sela lecture topic How to love your ADHD?
Lecture by Ari Limor former Israeli champion, qualified instructor training institute change Eldar. “Open water as a metaphor: Goals Goals as a way to pass Troubled Water”
Stock analysis and adjustment of each swimmer swimming style
Food, alcohol, party formulating and entertainment
And a lot of surprises
Sea 2
Cost: Days fifth-Saturday: Single room Single alone NIS. 2970  2050 NIs. double room single room 1973 NIS of three (depending on room availability) 1200 NIS participation without extra accommodation Arrival on Wednesday: Single room Single alone ₪ 725 ₪ 425 double room single room Three ₪ 400

The cost includes: participation in training accommodation all-inclusive photo above water and underwater attending lectures social evening

The cost does not include: travel entertainment pm

What to bring:

Pool Equipment
Swimming suit (optional – the water will be amazing 24.5 degrees )
Sun cream
Vaseline (anti-rub)
Snacks and gels for training
Open water buoy(optional)
Warm clothes for the evening
First Aid Supplies (second, third, those who need medicines)



Isrotel Lagoona Eilat 4 star hotel which is now operating all been included in the price: meals, drinks, ice cream, cakes and all that is needed pampering vacation Unleashed much as you want. Isrotel Lagoona All Inclusive Hotel is located in the northern coast of Eilat, steps away from the Lagoon. Elegant, renovated rooms, with double bed, a sofa, a seating area, coffee, bathroom and balcony.

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Flight booking option group: Group tickets can be ordered through the agency Issta Ra’anana, please contact immigration – an extension – 0            09-7618888

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