Water World Swim San Francisco here I come

People tell me Ori, you had a 22 hours flight, Are you tired?

How can I be? When I am meeting Pedro Ordenes the one and only, Levy & Liora Gerzberg, Erik, Rebeca, Hunter, swimmers from all the clubs in San Francisco BAY, yes it is a paradise for open water swimmers, no boats except for the Dolphins club boats, which means boats without an engine and a view that stops you breathe.


After smelling the sea touching it, breathing it I had a lecture


to swimmers from Water World Swim and the dolphin club with the most beautiful view ever, swimmers, and boats from year 1800, tradition of 200 years, what can I say It was really inspiring.

Yes I can’t sleep so I am writing and I am ready for the Alcatraz swim with Pedro and celebrating Levy’s 70th birthday.


Today I have another lecture at Sports Basement, 2 swims and meeting some amazing new people.



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