Thousands of people have already done it, learnt to swim from 0, treated back problems and progressed much faster with hardly any effort. It’s so easy to learn and to improve your swimming on this on-line program, without even the need of seeing an instructor.

Fill out the sort 8 question questionnaire, this will give us an accurate picture of your physical abilities and reveal to us to your swimming abilities, what is right for you, what you should be working on, and where are you today and precisely where you can be in one month, three months and six months from now.

The program is very easy to understand, all you need to do is follow in 3 easy steps:

Step 1:Watching videos, that are filmed above and below the water which will allow you to understand exactly what you need to do.


Step 2: The training itself, accompanied by pictures that can remind you of what to do (can be printed if necessary).


Step 3: Feedback, the best of all is that it leads you to the next destination and the idea is to train correctly according to of the rate of your progress.


Each training session is repeated three times – to ensure you’ll ace the total and training and will progress the best possible way. After that you’ll move to the next training session, until you reach training session number 10. In every video you watch, you’ll find what other people with different body structure need to be doing, and you actually see what you must not be doing compared to them. This is to make sure you avoid doing the wrong thing for you. And the most amazing thing is that each and every program that has been tested on thousands of people and has made the changes and adaptations for people with the same body structure. The program’s so amazing that it takes your advantage and sharpens it, extends and strengthens the disadvantage and eventually it will be what will lead you.

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