Dead Sea swim “saving the Dead Sea” all the articles & Press from the Dead Sea swim

They did it!

28 swimmers from all over the world, crossed the Dead Sea from Jordan to Israel , swimming 16.9k in the Dead Sea


CNN- Swimmers endure Dead Sea salt to highlight disappearing wonder CNN- The Dead Sea swim

Steven Munatones: Open water magazine WOWSA: All  the articles about the Dead Sea swim


Kimberley chambers swimming in the Dead Sea>>

Mad Swimmers, Cyprus Israel team and WEST swimming technique come together>>


Haarez- Israeli news paper about the Dead Sea swim.
The Times of Israel – Dead Sea swim

28 swimmers around the world crossing the Dead Sea from Jordan to Israel

  Aljazeera– Dead Sea swim, with Oded Rahav, Luc chetboun, Evan Feldman and 28 amazing swimmers

Ori Sela one of Cyprus Israel team and the coach of the Dead Sea swim talking in sports channel a week before the swim

The Jerusalem post about the Dead Sea swim

USA today about the Dead Sea swim:

Nana10- The Dead Sea swim

Reuters – Articles about the Dead Sea Swim


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