Michael Phelps breathing vs swim WEST freestyle breathing

In order to understand how to breathe correctly or better how to get more air and protect your lower back, it is important to see Michael Phelps and his swimming coach Bob Bowman in this unique video:

When talking about swimming technique and especially breathing in freestyle, Bob Bowman talks about a couple of things in order to swim faster and maintain a good stream line.
1. One goggle in the water.
2. Breathe every 2 strokes
3. The head moves with the body and not independently
4. Younger swimmers needs to breathe on both sides bilateral breathing.
5. Rotate more and work with your core muscles

In this video you will learn why some of these amazing things Michael Phelps does are not good for ordinary people and especially masters long distance swimmers.

Learn to swim online in WEST swimming technique and you will understand why breathing can be so easy and healthy

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