Susie Dvoskin the mother of Women’s triathlon talking to Ori Sela

Susie Dvoskin lost her daughter Tamar when a drunk driver killed her while she was biking, Susie and Danny her husband help thousands of people,especially women with sport.

Susie talking to Ori  the founder of WEST swimming technique, about the hardest things in life, about swimming, triathlon, how to start training and she does it with great passion and with a huge hart.

Susie today is the “MOTHER” of women’s triathlon in Israel and by me one of the most inspirational women I know.

Susie answering swimmers questions about swimming technique, swimming tips and women’s triathlon:

  1. Who is Susie Dvoskin?
  2. Your daughter Tamar was killed while she was riding her bike, when did you realize you are going to make the Israeli women’s triathlon on her name? and how did it all start?
  3. Why did you choose the slogan? Every women a winner?
  4. You have cancer, how do you keep on going?
  5. Why do you like Triathlon?
  6. What do you like about swimming and how much do you think on your swimming technique in long distances
  7. Can you give women 3 tips for starting to do sports


  1. I’m a woman who loves other people, loves helping everyone, no matter age, ability, to achieve whatever they want and to help them realize their boundless potential. In three words: I’m a teacher, triathlete and Savta.
  2. Immediately afterwards, during the Shiva, Amram, who organized the first two Women’s Triahtlons, asked us if we would like to have the WT named in Tamar’s memory.  We immediately agreed.
  3. The slogan,

    Every Woman a Winner

    , was born as Tamar and I crossed the finish line in our first Women’s Triathlon.  We realized that no matter what our place or time, we were winners!

  4. I keep going because I love life.  Sport keeps me moving, active, healthy.  Love of family and friends gives me support, normality.  I am looking forward to, at least, teaching all my grandchildren for their bnei mitzvah!  The youngest is 3 weeks old.  J
  5. Triathlon is a challenge.  We use all our body to train, coming alive with each training session, be it basic strengthening, improving technique in all three segments.  I love the feeling of accomplishment getting up early, seeing the sunrise, meeting with friends, knowing I succeed in bringing out the best in myself, as we bring out the best in others.
  6. The water purifies me.  I feel holy, at peace.  I love the feeling of flow, oneness with the universe, especially in open water swims. Thinking of technique comes and goes.  Usually in the beginning of a swim, or as I get tired.  Mostly I just swim, enjoying being at one with the water.
  7. Choose a sport that excites you.  Choose a goal that gives you butterflies.  Bring friends along your path of entering sport, friends who share your passion.




Susie Dvoskin Talking with Ori Sela about the first time she did triathlon in the Age of 47 #2

She is talking about swimming technique, training and more…

Susie is giving swimming tips, swimming workouts but especially amazing tips for life.

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