Swim alone or with a group?

Swim alone? with a group? learn swimming online? with a friend?

What’s more effective for you?

What’s best for us in order to improve our swimming technique, speed, flexibility and protecting our lower back?

Before you start reading the article below you have to know what do you want to do or change with your swimming and what is that” thing” that will help you succeed to reach your goals and keep you swimming all your life.


1.Swimming with a group- with a coach

As many people say it’s the best when someone tells you exactly what to do, there is always somebody behind you and someone in front, with a good coach, good swimming tips you will probably find your own potential and reach your goals, but another question is: will you improve your swimming technique? and is it good for your lower back? are you a group person or do you like to swim alone?

So if you like to train with a group and you don’t suffer from lower back pain or shoulder pain your 100% performance will be here.

2.Swimming with friends- with a training program

If swimming with a coach is 100% efficiency so here you can get up to 90% most of the times 85% of what we would be able to perform.

Your friend doesn’t have to be in the same level as you.

3. Swimming with a friend without a training workout.

Yes it’s fun, important for life, to get energy from swimming and for relaxing but our efficiency without a training program will be 80%-75%, without swimming tips from a coach, working on swimming techniques you will more or less give yourself, and some times you won’t do what you wanted to do before the swim.

4. Learn to swim online or improve your swimming technique with a swimming workout.

When learning swimming online we have to ask 2 main questions:

1. Do you want to learn to swim freestyle, improve your swimming technique & treat your lower back?

2. Do you want to improve your speed or swim long distance in open water?

In the first question working with a specific swimming workout that is built for you, your efficiency can be 85%-90% even when treating lower back pain in swim WEST technique, swimming in a group when having lower back pain can be very hard, it is hard to think on technique or how to swim freestyle correctly when someone is touching  our legs or he is very close to us. but when working on speed with most swimming online programs your efficiency is 80%, it is very hard to improve your speed without a swimming coach.

5. Swimming without a coach and without a swimming workout.

This is probably the most boring training of all five, and your efficiency can be less than 70%, so why swim by yourself and why is it sometimes important?

The answer is in the question “it is boring” some times we need to swim long distances in order to strengthen our mind and sometimes we need to just relax and clean our head out from thoughts.


To sum up the article I have to tell you my experience as a swimmer and as a coach: it is very hard for me to swim by myself , it’s boring and if I don’t have a training program I usually don’t finish what I wanted to do, but when I want to work on my swimming technique or loosen my muscles I usually do it with one of the WEST swimming program or get a swimming workout from one of my coaches.

If you are not sure how to train, whats good for you? fill in the WEST swimming online questionnaire and a swimming workout will be sent to you with a 50% off coupon on your first course.









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