What should we take in mind when we start training?

What should we take in mind when we learn how to swim or when we start training?


The first and most important thing is to find flexible and good hours for when you can train. When share your life with someone, maybe a family, there are hours that are good for you, but don’t fit with your family life. Try to come to a compromise with your partner about keeping a stable training schedule that you know you will be able to stick to for the long run and not have to change training days or hours on a weekly basis.

It’s also very important to motivate you partner to train too. A fit partner is a happier one. Work on your schedules together and find time that each of you can go out to release your body, each have some “My time” during the week, share your accomplishments with each other, and you will see how amazing you both will feel.

Write it down – it’s not enough to just “say” that you will start training, you need to schedule it in your calendar. This will make you more committed to acting through because you made it part of your “to do list”.

When only starting to train on a regular basis, for the first month, try to stick to 2 training sessions per week. It will physically take 1 month to get your body to adapt to the new activities and to strengthen your muscles. Also, during the first month, you have to watch your pulse. You have to work according to your lower aerobic pulse, which means not more than 65% of your 100% aerobic pulse. This will vary according to age,this is one of the reasons why you should learn swimming online in swim WEST so you wont rush and heart your body, or watch this video:

Make sure you know what pulse you are aiming for. This will help you elongate your muscles and you won’t hurt or injure yourself. You don’t want to push yourself too hard, and then feel after 2 weeks that you suffer from back pain and that you have to stop training. Don’t press yourself during the first month.

It’s highly recommended that you find a friend or learn swimming online if you can, to train together. A friend you can motivate and can motivate you on those days that you feel you have no energy, pull each other and help each other get through the harder days, motivate each other to hang in there even when one is tired. Sometimes you will be the stronger one, and sometimes your friend will, but if you stick together you will find that you manage to do much better, and you will be grateful that there was someone there to keep you going.

And last thing “less is more” don’t push yourself, in the first 3 months because when you start training you want to build your body right for life, and feel good.

If you do want to work on your swimming technique fill in the questionnaire and a swim WEST, learn to swim online program will be send to you (according to your flexibility and swimming level) https://swim-west.com/diagnosis/


The writer of this article is Ori Sela founder of swim WEST technique and the owner of Water World Israel – one of the biggest and most professional clubs for Hydrotherapy in the world




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