Stop Suffering!
100,000 people from 160 countries treat their lower back pain with WEST, a revolutionary Swimming Technique.

Stop Suffering!
100,000 people from 160 countries treat their lower back pain with WEST, a revolutionary Swimming Technique.

Swim 1k freestyle in a price on 1 private lesson:

*Relieve lower back pains

*Learn to swim easier and faster

*Reduce stress levels 

*Swim according to your personal flexibility  & abilities 

*Learn from a team of rehabilitation and hydrotherapy professionals

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About Ori Sela


Ori is the founder of WEST swimming technique,has over 30 years of experience as a professional swimmer, a qualified Hydro Therapist, swimming coach, toddlers’ swimming instructor, Watzu, Jahara and Shiatsu, therapist, triathlon coach, open water coach, therapeutic swimming instructor, pregnancy swimming coach and holds a BA in business & marketing from IDC, Herzliya. Read More>

About The Team

The WEST swimming technique was developed by Ori Sela and his team: Olympian swimmers, swimming coaches, triathlon coaches, open water coaches, Hydrotherapists, physiotherapists, west-team-3Chinese medicine therapists and more. Read More>

Why is learning swimming online so easy?


Thousands of people have already done it, learnt to swim from 0, learn swimming online, treated back problems and progressed much faster with hardly any effort. It’s so easy to learn swimming online and to improve your swimming technique on this online program, without even the need of seeing an instructor. Read More>

Fulfilling 2 dreams in 2 weeks. Breaking a world record and talking at TEDx


It all started in June 2013, when a friend of mine, who happens to also be a swimmer, came to me and at the end of an open water marathon which we organized, and said to me – “Ori I have a dream, I want to swim from Cyprus to Israel, and I want you to coach the team”. Read More>

Ori Sela interviews about world record

Ori Sela World record swimmer Ori Sela tells us how he finds inspiration, stays healthy and helps thousands of ordinary people get fit and heal lower back pain through WEST swimming Technique.
Read the full article>

Doctors and experts talk about WEST swimming technique


Before I started with the WEST technique, I had a lot of problems with my neck and lower back, and when I was swimming I really suffered from this pain and later only realized that I wasn’t swimming the right way

Ilanit Yurman – Does it all with 1 leg

A good friend of mine, Noam, recommended me to try the WEST swimming technique. Said that it would be personalized for my body capabilities, and it was an easy and simple process and the results are amazing. I didn’t really believe it, but I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a shot.

Uri Tene – Lost 45 KG

WEST program kept me fit, prevented me from having surgery, and brought me back to work very quickly. The amazing thing is that instead of paying hundreds of dollars, or even thousands, I got back to acting in 14 days, and back to running in only one month. There wasn’t a happier camper than me in the whole entire world.

Ben Sela – Actor Model

I never knew how to swim, I was afraid from the water, I wouldn’t even go into a swimming pool. Until one day, after several failure attempts, I arrived at Water World, and then everything changed, for me, for the better..

Marina Volf – Osteopathic sports injury expert

I think that due to this WEST swimming technique this is changing, I have to learn to relax my neck and shoulders to regain my flexibility.

DR. Ariel Tisona – Plastic surgeon
chanoch carmeli

I trusts that the recovery was due to Ori Sela’s detail understanding of the intricate interactions between muscles and joints.

Chanoch Carmeli

WEST in The Aid of Back Pain

Ori Sela talking about the “Power of the sea” in TEDx Nicosia

Ori Sela doesn’t believe in resting!!

When you have shoulder pain especially “swimmers shoulder” – please take this course, You are going to thank us so much 🙂

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